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Delux Weed primary focus is to provide the best online information for patients seeking relief from their ailments through state medical marijuana programs, CBD programs, and medication. We honed in on a few core concepts, which although they may seem simple, set us apart from other online resource sites and provide the best information to patients


Delux Weed has grown beyond boarders due to our relentless efforts to make Medical Marijuana available for everyone everywhere at any time. Not only are we famous in USA and Canada where we are delivering and are capable of delivering medical marijuana at every door step, we are also breaking records in Europe by delivering Medical Marijuana to all the knocks and crannies of Europe, Australia and Asia. At Delux Weed, we know the needs and potentials Medical Marijuana and we have taken it as our priority to make Medical marijuana available where ever it is needed.

Our Mission


Delux Weed mission is to deliver the highest quality marijuana, organic weed and cannabis products to medical and recreational marijuana consumers in the US and the rest of the world.  At Delux Weed, we caters to the discerning recreational customer who deserves the highest quality product and the highest quality shopping experience.


Our staff is thoroughly trained by marijuana horticulture experts to explain the medicinal and recreational attributes of the various strains and products we sell.  We encourage customers to take their time learning about the marijuana buds, concentrates, edibles and topical products so they can find what suits them best.  No question is a "stupid" one if it helps you understand our products and have a more enjoyable experience.


We welcome you to visit the store, spend time with our staff, learn about cannabis and enjoy!



Our Team


Delux Weed team has strived to go beyond a patient friendly application, reaching out to them, helping with answers to questions and proposing strains and medication according to the patients requests. The result of all these efforts is exactly what was set out to be achieved and beyond, but we are not done yet.


Weed team


We look forward to making ongoing contributions to the future development of the site and evolving as the medical and recreational marijuana community develops.



Our Cultivation


Growing from seed is simply better


Seed is a fresh genetic representation which has not been through “seasons” of abuse. Carefully bred, seed grown plants, can exhibit something called “genetic vigour,” when plants actually excel beyond previous expectations. We work to ensure that we don’t weaken genetics through inbreeding. We focus on reproducing your favourite genetics, while we also help grow the science of cannabis genetics, in cooperation with the industry’s leading professionals. For gigantic, industrial, indoor, grows, cloning is a mandatory part of manufacturing on a very fast tight schedule, rushing out 6 super-sized crops each year. Large factories that must clone, carry a very different intention and energy, than outdoor farms in the country do. All in an attempt to recreate elements nature already had dialled in, and perfected eons ago. Delux Weed grows outdoors, only one crop each year. Medicine, grown with an intention to cooperate with Nature, not to compete against her.



100% Organic, Custom Blended Soil.


Seeds, planted outdoors, under real sunlight, in 100% Organic, Custom Blended Soil. Delux Weed grows in real living soil. Just like nature does!

Not grown in hydro, not rock-wool, not in air, not in water. Exactly how nature does it, in a perfected blend of Organic soil, developed by our horticulturist laboriously, over many seasons, until they got it just right.


Next it takes some special water, to make special medicine. Not water that has been chlorinated, fluoridated, and in some metro areas, even re-used! Huge commercial grows located within a city, turn on the tap and chlorinated, fluoridated, water is all they have to grow, flush, and sustain, your medicine with. We use only fresh spring water to make sure your medicine contains and delivers a completely different energy. Energy that is only available from the best water and from The Sun.



Growing Under Sun (Outdoor)


What can be grown without the blessings of the sun? Quite a bit lately, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, LED’s, the race to commercially replicate good old fashioned sunlight, goes on unabated at a fevered pace. Plants go from 18 hours of light, in an industrial nursery, are placed into a flower room, and forced in just one day, to adjust to an instant 33% reduction in light. That’s not how Nature does it.


Delux Weed Farm grows outdoors where a plant’s light period changes slowly… gradually….naturally, over the course of 7-10 days. The days shorten, the temperatures drop a little, the plant gathers all this information, has time to comply with all these natural changes, and so begins the transition to flower. Shine some light on how your current medicine is being grown. If you find its being lighted artificially, there is an alternative. We use the wonders of the sun, in growing the very best medicines, to brighten your day.



Going slowly is good!


An important aspect of growing top quality, organically grown, medicine (also, in how your medicine tastes) is dictated by the curing process. In the fast paced world of indoor, industrially, produced grows, it can literally be just days in between harvesting, drying, and being placed on a shelf for sale. Drying is what you do to your clothes. Proper curing is about going slowly, not forcing all the moisture out ASAP. Instead, allowing Nature to spend all the time required to slowly cure your medicine. This produces a difference in taste and effectiveness, that we encourage you to experience today.



The very last step is to Hand Trim your medicine.


A real person, not a machine, trims your medicine with the care and respect it deserves. Gently, carefully, removing what you don’t need, and leaving undisturbed everything you prize most, in superior medicine. Grow factory’s produce huge amounts of product, and consequently throw their wet harvested crop immediately into a “trimming machine”. Wet fragile flower, tumbles, falls and spins around, over and over and over, knocking off…cutting off, not just the fans leaves, but also some of the most important components of effective medicine…the trichomes.


Delux Weed Does not use trim machines. We only hand trim. We allows the trichomes to set up and harden through proper curing, over the course of many months. Only after your medicine is fully cured does our carefully trained trim crews, hand trim each bud, with the care and respect the very best medicine deserves. An exchange of human energy occurs, that a machine can’t ever reproduce.


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